Little [Big] Hexie Blanket Pt. 3

Hello, friends! Welcome to another blog post featuring the Little [Big] Hexie Blanket.

Here we are at week three of the design process, and I’ve not yet finished the remaining whole hexies as I’d hoped. I lost myself in a good book at the beginning of the week and couldn’t recover, even though I spent all of yesterday’s free time crocheting away. I’ll need to weigh out my cakes of yarn this weekend to see what kind of yardage I’ve got left to work with, and I may take this blanket a couple of rows larger than initially planned if I’ve got enough.

Before I decide to take this blanket any further, I’ve got three more hexies to crochet and I’ll need to attach those along with the other six I have finished. I’ll try to get all of that done this weekend, but we may be enjoying some family time as summer will be wrapping up soon.

Don’t you love when your blanket project is finally big enough to use while working on it? 🙂

Speaking of family time, we went blackberry picking at the beginning of the week along the Willamette river. We try to go every year, but missed out last season because our youngest was still an infant. This year she was finally old enough to enjoy the nature (and the endless supply of fresh berry offerings) so we threw her in the stroller and went down to our favorite berry patches. The trails had been cleaned up since we last visited, with old, fallen logs moved out of the pathways and a few more additions to the disc golf course. It’s always a treat to see the city improving our parks. I made a -really- bad triple berry cobbler from our pick, so it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies, but we had a fun time nonetheless.

Since I mentioned the book I got lost in this week, I thought I might show the culprit’s face. A Court of Thorns And Roses. I’m only in the 17th chapter but I’m really enjoying the story so far. I finally found it at our local library after a month of waiting, and now I’ve got three precious weeks to finish it before grabbing the next one. If I had all the free time in the world, I’d probably finish it in a few days, but mom life 😛 Have any of you read it? It seems like a popular one!

Okay, that’s my week wrapped up in a few paragraphs. I’ll check in over Instagram to share more progress on the blanket, and hopefully by the next time we meet I’ll have more to show you. Maybe even a rough draft of the pattern will be typed up? Oh, a girl can dream.

Happy Friday, friends!

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