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My newest crochet pattern, the Cobblestone Throw, has arrived.

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Yarn Review: O’Go Caron Colorama

Hi friends! I’m back with another blog post for you, and this time it’s all about the brand new O’Go yarns! I’ve seen this yarn ALL OVER social media lately and I wanted to get my hands on a few skeins to try it myself. After a quick search, I…

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Little [Big] Hexie Blanket Pt. 3

Hello, friends! Welcome to another blog post featuring the Little [Big] Hexie Blanket. Here we are at week three of the design process, and I’ve not yet finished the remaining whole hexies as I’d hoped. I lost myself in a good book at the beginning of the week and couldn’t…

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Little [Big] Hexie Blanket Pt. 2

Hi friends! Hope we all had a fantastic week. I’ve spent a lot of time on my couch with my hexies and have gathered up 12 out of the 23 total that I need for this project, aside from the halves that will fill in the spaces around the blanket.…

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Little [Big] Hexie Blanket Pt. 1

My Latest WIP For my 27th birthday this year, I decided to treat myself to a yarn haul from one of my favorite indie yarn dyers, Bonnie, from Green Letter Day. I’ve been eyeing her perfectly curated kits for some time now, so when I noticed she restocked her Over…

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Free Knitting Pattern- Braid Beanie

Have you ever had a *really bad* week? Like…one where every day hands you a bigger pile of garbage than the last? Just me? No, I have a feeling I’m not alone on this one. Anyway, it’s been rough over here, my friends. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s…

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My Favorite Yarns and Where To Find Them

Hi friends! Welcome to the first edition of Aisling Studio Favorites! When I first decided to start this blog, I knew I wanted to compile an ever-growing list of all my favorite things I think are worth keeping in your own crochet/knit arsenal. First up on that list, YARN! From…

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An Introduction and Other Niceties

Hi all! Welcome to my blog! Seriously…I’ve always wanted to say that. Thank you for being here! For my first blog post [ever!] I’d like to keep it simple by introducing myself, the Aisling brand, and outline what I plan for this little corner of the internet going forward. My…

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